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What is Payroll Vault?

Payroll Vault is a company that offers small to medium-sized businesses HR, payroll, benefits administration, and compliance solutions. 

How Payroll Vault Help Insurance Brokers

One of the biggest challenges insurance brokers face today is retaining clients and keeping them happy. While brokers are always looking to add new clients, protecting the book of business is the number one priority for many brokers, and it is becoming more and more difficult over the years.

Business owners today are facing a myriad of challenges, including fierce talent competition and the struggle to find and retain quality talent, pressure to reduce costs, improve cash flow, uncertainty related to healthcare, escalating compliance burdens, and an overall lack of time to handle all these concern.

As an insurance broker, partnering with a Payroll Vault can help your company attend to all of your clients' needs. You will be able to go above and beyond to offer your clients a variety of Payroll & HR solutions that help smaller clients enjoy the same benefits as much larger employers. You will differentiate yourself. In a highly competitive market, offering the additional benefits of Payroll Vault to potential clients can be the factor that drives prospects to choose one insurance broker over another. This is becoming increasingly important as small business owners are facing increasing challenges themselves, and are looking for increased value from service providers. 

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Why Choose Payroll Vault?

Finding a trusted partner and someone who really listens to you & the clients can be challenging - Rest assured with Payroll Vault of Boulder CO, you & your clients are in good hands.

Having a team of real Payroll Professionals, we know what we do & we will treat you & your client just how like you would treat your very own family member!

Everytime you or your client need us, you will not get prompted to a 1-800 number but an access to us directly whenever you need our support.

We also offer no annual contract, we have consistent 5-star ratings, 97% customer retention rate & our team of experts will be an extension of yours!